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Crystals & Chakras

A magical pairing of crystals and chakras makes finding the perfect crystal simple. Sorted by their energy and color to help you make the most of your journey.

We have collections to help you balance the energy in each of the 7 primary chakras as well as a collection that holds the extra special crystals that can balance all 7 at the same time!

1st Chakra (Root, Base, Muladhara) Safety, Belonging, Grounded, Support

2nd Chakra (Sacral, Womb, Svadhisthana) Creativity, Passion, Boundaries, Sexuality

3rd Chakra (Navel, Solar Plexus, Manipura) Empowerment, Confidence, Courage, Leadership

4th Chakra (Heart, Anahata) Love, Kindness, Understanding, Compassion

5th Chakra (Throat, Vishuddha) Mental Clarity, Communication, Freedom, Integrity

6th Chakra (3rd Eye, Brow, Ajna) Wisdom, Intuition, Mindfulness, Self-Awareness

7th Chakra (Crown, Sahasrara) Spirituality, Oneness, Connection, Self-Realization, Faith

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Mindy introduced me to crystals and I was immediately drawn to their beauty and energy. They are still a part of my life years later.

Laura W.

I have been using crystals in my meditation ever since I first discovered my connection with them. They are beautiful and have really helped me on my spiritual journey, and in energetic work with others.

Jennifer S.

Thank you for the care and service, not to mention the quality of your stones! I'll be a repeat customer!

Don W.

I always feel so drawn to the crystals I get from you. They seem to hold more
energy which I assume is because they’re yours and you have so much knowledge
and love for them.

Amee W.

You have so many amazing

Danielle K.