Orange Calcite Tower, 3.3" tall

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Orange Calcite is an energetic orange with tones of yellow. The sides of this tower are rough and the six sided point has been polished smooth. The bottom is totally flat and would make a great addition to any desk or altar space. 

Orange Calcite – Highly energizing and cleansing, balances the emotions, removes fear and overcomes depression.

Dissolves problems and maximizes potential

Removes karmic hooks and memories of old abuse, facilitating healing on all levels.

Gets energy moving to see old problems in a new way to find creative solutions.

Heals emotional wounds around sexuality, creativity and will.

Overcomes shame from the past.

Encourages confidence, playfulness, inspiration and innovation.

Calcite is cleansing, refreshing, and revitalizing.

It gently sweeps out old patterns and that which no longer serves you, clearing out blockages and promoting energy flow.

Allows you to see the world from a fresh perspective, seeing the joy that is naturally in all aspects of life.

Works with the 2nd Chakra.

3.3" T x 2.1' W x 2.2" D